Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Nativity

God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world,
but to save the world through Him.
John 3:17 (NLT)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diaper Laundry and Thankfulness

I am thankful. I am thankful that today is diaper laundry day. I am also thankful that I do not have enough diapers to cloth diaper full time... at least today I am! Rock has had some messy BMs 3 times today... i know... too much information lol. I don't really enjoy the dirty diaper laundry when I have to pre wash it. I am grateful that oRock is partially ECing... he has only been peeing in the toilet since he started solids except a few times... and today was one :)

Also, I am thankful that my hubby actually changed a diaper this afternoon. Normally he won't because he doesn't even know where to begin on cloth diapers... since it was disposables, he did. Then he realized it is a lot different changing a mobile baby.

I am thankful that we have a good heater this winter. It is getting cold out! I like the snow. It is beautiful, but it is still cold. Laat winter we were wrapped in blankets and pretty much just sat still reading, crafting and watching movies... that is more difficult when you have a squiggly baby. I am still trying to find a good outfit for Rock to go out in so he can play in the snow for the first time... I found some good gloves earlier today that he seemed to like chewing on  wearing. We normally just bundle him with blankets in the carseat when we hav weto go out so I don't have many bundling clothes for him. I sure it will be a lot differenet next winter but I am ok with that this year.

And I am thankful that Rock is easily entertained. I was able to bake many, many cookies this past week (to make up plates of christmas cookies for neighbors) while rock played with a chip clip and empty coffee container for part of the time. Also, hubby watched him while I was pulling the cookies in and out of the oven.

I am thankful that our landlord's family accepts us as part of the family. We were a part of their family Thanksgiving meal and are also invited to their Christmas party this weekend.
Most importantly, I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He came to earth as a mere babe to fulfill God's plan and that is why we celebrate this Christmas season.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

The angel said to them, "Do not be afraid.
I am bringing you good news
that will be a great joy to all the people.
Today your Savior was born in the town of David.
He is Christ, the Lord.
Luke 2:10, 11 (NCV)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Evenflo Momentum65 Carseat Giveaway

So on my holiday Christmas list I had posted that Rock needs a new carseat sometime soon. WEll, I am entering in to win an Evenflo Momentum65 Convertible Carseat at the blog: Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House. I like that this carseat is for 5 - 40 lbs rear facing and 20-65 forward facing. It would be the last carseat we need. The only thing would be if we do win it will it fit in our tiny car? lol

Two of a Kind also posted a Review of this carseat if you want read more about the ease of installation, safety features, and comfort of this carseat. I am entering in right now!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Blessings

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge this week is Blessings.The challenge is supposed to be a photo from your holiday meal or a photo of you and your loved ones together. A photo of your blessings.

Just one picture that displays my blessings is very difficult. We didn't have a holiday meal as a family (hubby had to work the day I had the camera) and we dont have a family photo that i really like. But I did take a photo shoot with Rock not too long ago that definitely shows the blessings of family:

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful and easy going son. I am also blessed to have a loving and caring husband. I am entering this last photo of Rock (because it is my personal favorite) into The Paper Mama Photo Challenge
The Paper Mama

And here is another of our blessings (Who used to not be allowed on the furniture!)

Shadow is a fantastic dog. He is very gentle around Rock (though he was curious and excited when we first brought Rock home) And we are blessed to have him. I will have to add a post on how we were blessed with such an amazing dog sometime soon because he is another Token of the Lord's provision when we have faith.

If you want to know some more about the many things I have been blessed with check out our Token of God's Love, My pregnancy with Rock, and my Thankful List.

Surely you have granted him unending blessings
and made him glad with the joy of your presence.
Psalm 21:6 (NIV)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: B&W

I just caught that I hadn't done this week's The Paper Mama photo challenge and it ends tonight... the theme is black and white... I think my favorite black and white photo I have at this time is this one:

I guess it is actually black and white and green :P
 (I know I have already shown this photo... but I love it!)

The Paper Mama

just a quick post because I wanted to enter real quick :)

Of course I also have this photo which was just taken this week via camera phone (B&W with slight fade on Picnik) ... Rock is an excellent piano player ;)

How abundant are the good things that you
have stored up for those who fear you,
that you bestow in the sight of all,
on those who take refuge in you.
Psalm 31:19 (NIV)