Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Shirts

I decided I wanted to try making some of my own shirts for the boys and have seen freezer paper all over craft blogs... so i tried it. Um, wow, I should have done this sooner. I just keep looking for more designs to try now though i don't have the clothes for it now... i am addicted and have cut out more stencils than i have tried. Plus, since the stencil is in place, Rock can help me. He loves painting and has had a lot of fun creating his own shirts... maybe more than me? Here are the giraffe and transportation shirts we created.
hard to catch for photo


adorable boy modeling

I also made a Link shirt from one of hubby's old work shirts that was stained to the point that he didnt want to wear it anymore. He is now willing to wear it again since i brought new life to it and even took it to a friends house to show off :)

Yup.. .definitely loving freezer paper. great way to cover up stains and make fun designs that are one of a kind!

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