Monday, November 29, 2010

The Holidays: A Christmas List

I am writing out my Christmas list here so I remember if anyone asks... my family and in-laws don't read my blog but this will help me to remember :)

I already mentioned how Rock loves to read. Some of the books which are his favorites are Little Jesus, Little Me ,  Prayer of Jabez for Little Ones  and Veggie Tales The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Helpers are Heroes. I also love these books because they are board books so he can turn the pages and play with them anytime he wants without worrying about tearing. (I have, however, already memorized these and a few others that I often read to Rock) Well, I found a Veggie Tales Board Book Collection that I would love to have that is also a great price. There are probably several books that I would love to have so that is at the top of my list for Rock.

Also.... Rock probably needs a few more toys... I got rid of  re-donated several toys that were given to us because they were primarily Barney or made very, very annoying noises. I would prefer learning toys and toys that require imagination for sound effects :) I recently found a shape sorter for Rock that he loves to play with... he doesn't sort the shapes yet but he can definitely knock down towers that mama and dada build form them. And they are great to chew on and clap together to make noises.
So toys I want for Rock include: building blocks, mega blocks (or is it duplos at this age?), nesting blocks, ummm... basically I want stuff for building for him. Maybe age appropriate puzzles and a xylophone too.... one that actually has to be hit not one of those that requires batteries and lights up and such. I also found a Pond Friends Stacking Toy Crochet Pattern (its a free pattern but you have to be a member to view it) that I may try to make for him.

And on the more practical side for the baby boy: a few more cloth diapers, 12-18 month warm clothes, and a new carseat since he has just about outgrown the one he has... we are looking at the Cosco Scenera Convertible Carseat (because it is inexpensive and fits exactly what we need)

And on to me for Christmas: I want an iron and portable ironing board (though I can just use towels like I did in college), those nifty Silicone Loaf Pans (I don't have a loaf pan and love making banana bread - i like the regular size or the mini loaf... the silicone muffin pans are cool too), ...I know there was something else I was thinking about at the beginning of this post but i can't think of it now...

I haven't actually asked my hubby what he wants... I just know from observation that he would like some more art supplies (for painting and drawing), some "old man shoes" (his wording not mine) that he can wear out of the house (he currently wears his house slippers out because of comfort), and a video game (not sure which one right now) that he can play online with one of his friends... he has also been wanting an xbox 360 again so we can play more halo... but that will probably be for a much later date.

I plan on making my gifts again this year (hopefully i have the time for it - I started at halloween last year with no baby yet) I already mentioned the stacker toy I want to try making for Rock and probably another hat too. i may also try to start and finish his stuffed animal ball chair (i will make a post on this once i finish it-  igot my idea here) that I am creating... though that may be for his first birthday instead. I'm not sure what to make hubby yet.... why are presents for men always so tough? I plan on some sort of picture collage for the grandparents... though not sure how or what as far as details go. I also plan on giving treat plates to neighbors and some friends in the area (cookies, fudge, and such) along with a homemade card. I had a post before that had one quick Card idea and I have been playing around with it some more.... I may end up choosing a few (they are coming out so cute) to send to various people (note to self - get I saw a cute card idea that used just the paint program, but with Picnik and other similar websites i don't think i will be doing that :P
See one of my silly photos I did of Rock earlier today using Picnik: 
Before Picnik

After: Santa Baby
I guess that is all for now...That turned out to be a whole lot longer than I intended :P

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend... I had a lot of fun with the families that 'adopted me' for Thanksgiving :) Two different families, two different days, and two different meals (I don't know how some people do both sides of the family on one day with multiple meals)

Some of hubby's friends were back in the area for the holiday from Seminary so we got to visit with them. Hubby, Rock and I also served at the Elks lodge (serving meals and packing some up for delivery) on Thanksgiving Day. This past week was truly a blessing (in more than one way)

The LORD will give strength to His people;
The LORD will bless His people with peace.
Psalm 29:11 (NASB)

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