Monday, November 22, 2010


So it is Monday.... already. Where did the weekend go? Plus, it is Monday evening..... where did Monday go?

Well, I guess I do remember the weekend. Saturday was uneventful while hubby worked all day, but Sunday was fun. Church, Walk in the park, and time with's the happy boy almost out of his carseat:

And here is what happened this weekend...
Early Sunday morning Rock kept waking up crying (up to 5 teeth working on a 6th) so I didn't sleep well either. So when hubby got up later on, I did not.... until 9ish when it was time to get ready for church. We got up and hustled around to get ready and ended up a little late for Sunday School. Sunday School was good... the baby girl in the class was the one 'talking' the most -usually it is Rock (she is a month older and they are the only non-adults in the class) After Sunday school the teacher of the class and his wife invited our family over for a dinner in a couple weeks. Then we headed to the church service.

The lesson was right on with where my hubby is right now. He is in  a"detox" of worldly things so minimal computer, no movies, no books..... primarily just work, family and God. The minister was preaching from Philippians 3 about not boasting in things of this world because we are not of this world and that if we hold to things of this world then we are really just missing out on the fullness of Christ. I'm not going to go into any detail but it was a great sermon.

We needed to get a couple things from the store so we headed there after church... It was such a beautiful day that we decided it would be nice to take a walk. So we went out to eat first: tacos and chalupas :) and headed to the park. Rock fell asleep on the car ride to the park but woke up just a few minutes into the walk. It is so much fun to watch him intrigued by everything around us. Hubby and I had some nice conversations during the walk too :)

Hubby had to work that evening so Rock and I played at home. I got his rocking horse back out so he could try it again.... he wasn't interested though. He ate and had a warm bath with lots of splashing then it was off to bed (for both of us). We went to bed and before I knew it hubby was home. Hmm... that was actually quite a bit... I guess I didn't miss the weekend after all.... just Monday :P

I guess I should do laundry and such before Rock is awoken from his final nap of the day.... that is one thing I did not do this weekend. So I am done with my ramblings for today... toodles :)

But whatever were gains to me
I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.
Philippians 3:7

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  1. I need a detox!!!!!!!!! I love that! Once I get done with the pocket event I think I might do that!!!


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