Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first completed quiet book

I had to cheat and just get a quiet book done. I was overwhelmed with all the ideas I had in mind and not in the mood to do MORE cutting for the quiet book coop I am involved in. So I sat down during nap time and threw together a design and some cutting for a mini bug quiet book (inspired by buggy-for-you-quiet-book) My book is only 4 inches square and was put together with a bunch of hot glue (absolutely no sewing)
Here are the pages I used:
Ribbon wing drangonfly and ant crawling on leaf
 the bees and ribbon flowers are my favorite (and what I spent the most time on) this page was actually from Amber may be
 Ribbon tie web and catch butterflies (pocket in net and hill for butterflies)

Caterpillar color match stored in cocoon and pic of Rain babe at the end and Sharpie details/writing
 Pennys for size comparison - simple cover and binding

Can you believe the ribbon I used for this was actually clearanced Christmas ribbon? I bought it because I knew I would find a use! Now I feel like I have acomplished something and can get back to what I need to do for the Co-op :)

Lord, You establish peace for us;
all that we have accomplished You have done for us.
Isaiah 26:12 NIV

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