Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homemade Ball and Shorts

I did a little bit of sewing yesterday and ended up with a few crude completed projects. I made a spiderman ball with a balloon as the "stuffing" and a quick pair of shorts for Rock to wear while running around the house (i would just let him wear the diaper but he likes to take it off... he hasn't figured out how to take his shorts/pants of yet) The shorts are also good for sleeping. Those projects are posted below (I used the ball pattern again just slightly bigger) Another quick project i did was transform one of the shirts i never wear into a quick tank top for Rock. The collar needs some sort of adjustment still but i left the sleeves and bottom hem raw using my pinking shears to add a little more to it (since it was tshirt material it doesn't fray) I am trying to figure out some other items around the house that I can repurpose because my fabric box is in storage for now. It is somewhat sad since i have several started projects in with my fabric that i could be working on but i still try to find other things so my sewing machine gets some use :)

sitting nicely with his ball...
and then standing to kick

Your hearts and minds must be 
made completely new
Ephesians 4:23 (GoodNews Translation)

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