Monday, August 01, 2011


We are getting ready to move again so I haven't done much blogging, picture taking, or creative tasks (like sewing)... primarily I have been packing and cleaning. And looking for a place to move. We know the city but the finding a place has been rough. My husband already has a job there and is enrolled for school this fall so he has been commuting and it has been tough on our family.
Prayers have been very important to our family this month and signs of answered prayer and God's favor have been evident. Even in the small things. I was craving diet caffeine free dr pepper yesterday and it just "happened to be" on sale. and the week before my husband was really wanting coke.... and it was on sale that day. We went grocery shopping a couple days ago and all the lines were super long so we chose one to wait in... just as we did the person in front of us decided they needed something else and got out of line. Also we had a super fast cashier who rang up everything and bagged it neatly all quickly. How amazing is that? Prayers have been a major part of our lives, in all things!
Ah yes... one more thing...
Rock is going to be a big brother before the year is up. I am over the halfway mark so it seems so close. I am due the beginning of December though hubby thinks it will probably be the end of November. Other things hubby and I have discussed about this pregnancy: the gender. With Rock we decided not to find out and we are going to do the same with this baby. I am thinking we are going to have another boy and originally hubby thought it was going to be a girl because of dreams he had been having, but now he isnt sure because he has had a dream with two boys also (Rock and baby #2).

You are my refuge and my shield; 
your word is my source of hope.
Psalm 119:114 (NLT)

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