Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Father's Day Gift

It is June and Father's Day is right around the corner (after Flag Day... which happens to be my father's birthday). So I was contemplating some ideas for this father's day and searching all over the web as to what I will do for the special father's in my life. I may just do something simple for the grandfather's, including my dad, perhaps a picture postcard like a did for Christmas... but with different photos :P  I will have to think on it a little more but not too long because Father's day may sneak past me if I do.

For my husband I have decided to get more creative yet inexpensive. The project/s I am doing are from items I already had around the house. I found this and decided I would steal  use it:

And I wanted to make a creativity/art case type thing and know I have seen things like what I want online:
On The Go Art Case at This Mama Makes Stuff
Minimalist Kids Art Case
Split Hemz Art Tote
and the SewRayMe Little Artist's Case
Just to name a few...

So I am in the process of adapting the designs to make a little more hubby friendly to fit what he may want... and his new mustache pencils :) I am using an old pair of my jeans and art supplies from around the house
Here is what I have (click for larger view):

This is the first time I have used the sewing machine my mom brought down for me (along with some other sewing materials... like the velcro and elastic). I already broke the needle so I will have to replace that before I can continue. But otherwise It has been great.. much better than hand sewing :) It is a family heirloom that was once my great grandmothers and is now mine:

I also want to involve Rock in part of the process of making the gift so I will have him "write" a note to dada that will be included in the gift. Perhaps I could do a Thumb Bunny loves you card... or maybe some footprints with a little saying of some sort?

Lead me in the way everlasting!
Psalm 139:24b (ESV)

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