Saturday, January 01, 2011

Rock's First Christmas

First....Our Christmas Decor included:
A door of Christmas cards
 A few trimmings of Pine, Candles, and ornaments on the table
And our Veggie Tales Nativity Scene

That's it.. no lights or big Christmas tree... not a ton of presents... just basic simple decorations.

Christmas Eve is when we did our gift opening in which Rock got a few basic items like books, clothes and simple toys. Then on Christmas morning we went to a friends house and Rock got a couple more toys. Here are a couple photos of Rock with his Christmas presents (not all clothes are pictured)
 My mom mentioned that she would like a photo of her grandson in a similar pose each Christmas so I took one of him next to the Christmas bear she sent... she loved the photo and said she will probably send a bear for his first five Christmases (now i just need to remember to do the photos each year lol)

Nothing major really to tell about this Christmas. Rock enjoyed the boxes and wrapping paper more than the gifts like most babies usually do at this age. I made my hubby a hat to give him for a little Christmas gift. Rock pretty much got everything I was wanting to get him from the Christmas-list. I didn't make any collage for grandparents but instead sent out letters with photos and postcards to some other friends and family. I also got the cookie plates finished and delivered to neighbors a few days before Christmas.

I had two different versions of my Christmas letter. One was a crossword puzzle and was written out but it was something like this:

News from the _ _ _ _ _ _ family in 2010

As you already know, (Insert baby real name here) _ _ _ _ became a part of the family on April 2nd this year. Now at almost nine months he is crawling and cruising along the furniture. It won’t be long before he will _ _ _ _ and run, too. It has been so rewarding watching him grow and learn. (HUBBY) is a grill _ _ _ _ at Bob Evans while I get to stay home with (ROCK). I love being a mom and look forward to another year of new experiences.
_ _ _ _ _ you for the Christmas greeting and enclosed gift. We hope you are blessed with the gifts of peace, love and _ _ _ this holiday season and all through the year.
Merry Christmas and Happy _ _ _ Year!

I drew in the crossword puzzle and had a little image on it of rock in a santa hat. The second leeter was like this one: (like because i edited names and such)

I don't remember where I got the idea for this card but it was really a good idea so i tried to remember what it said. The original idea had like 20 reasons but i thought 5 was sufficient. A couple of the Christmas postcards looked like this:

I added hand written notes on the back and sent them off... I just hope everyone that i sen tthem to received them in fairly good condition (they were just printed photos set up on the back to "look" like a postcard)

Not really much else to say... We prayed and worshipped in the new year at home with just the three of us Then we konked out at around one in the morning. It was a great start to a new year!

One more thing... here is our pup, Shadow... with a little editing he makes a great Rudolph!

I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful New Year!

Sing to Him a new song;
Play skillfully and shout for joy.
Psalm 33:3 (NIV)


  1. Your postcards are cute. Did you find out if the photos/postcards made them to their desitinations? I have always wasnted to just print photos and send them, but worried if they would make it in decent condition. Thanks for sharing.


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