Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So i got my first cloth diaper today. I received the diaper in a contest from The Cloth Diaper Report.

It is a Pooters one size fitted diaper; 55% hemp 45% organic cotton. I was super excited when i received it then i remembered that it needs a diaper cover... I don't have a diaper cover yet.... sad day :(

So i can't try out the diaper and have to wait longer while my little one continues to wear disposables.

About the disposables:

I have been using Pampers primarily since Rock was born. Occasionally we use an off brand or Huggies, but Pampers just seem to fit and work better, at least they did. In the past week i have had to change 3 diapers that were blow outs. This is not fun. We had previously only had one blow out so this is just disappointing. I really cannot wait until i get to use a lovely cloth diaper that will, hopefully, not have this problem.


  1. I had to switch brands with my older son a few times when he was a baby. He was a very small baby and at first only Luvs would fit his tiny legs, but eventually he fattened up and I switched to other diapers.

  2. Could you make a diaper cover? Knit one with wool yarn, perhaps?

  3. I just checked my email and I won a Diaper Cover from Eli Monster at Mama to 3 Blessings blog :)



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