Saturday, August 21, 2010

Go to Sleep!

I have tried and tried to get little Rock on a sleep schedule. At one point i had a routine down and then it changed :(

This past week the only way he will sleep is either laying on his tummy or next to/on me. I don't like it when he lays on his tummy because it is harder for me to hear him when he fusses and it is harder for him to breathe also. If he were able to successfully roll back onto his back when he tried i wouldn't have a problem with it. So during the day i try to give him his naps while on his back, but he rolls. (and i usually let him stay rolled on his tummy since i am completely alert anyway) I also try to strap him into his swing to sleep. The swing works, plus he stays asleep longer, but he gets used to it and won't sleep without it.

He also has decided that taking a nap at eight and being up until 11 or midnight ish is good. I do not agree!Hubby has to be up and out the door before seven currently so i have to keep Rock quiet so he can have adequate sleep. So in trying to keep Rock quiet and get some rest myself i resorted to letting him sleep on my chest. I realized that this wouldn't work for long and tried to fall back on swaddling again. (swaddling an almost 20 lb baby is amusing) Rock hadn't been swaddled since he was a month old (or less). He hated being swaddled and would squirm until he freed himself. Now he thinks it is a game. We got a new swaddle blanket just the other day so i tried it out... it is huge:

escaping a diaper
It fits around my baby boy and stays tucked, but he can still kick and get his feet out. And since his arms are snug tight against him he has nothing to suck on (plus drools all over the blanket). So he is amused with it for a while (even calms down to nurse some) and then gets fussy again. :(

I also tried to skip his last nap yesterday to see if he would sleep earlier. He was extremely fussy because of tiredness and then, while he was in his walker, he konked out! I was trying to get him to stay up for just a little longer even if it meant fussiness, but it didnt work
So once again, i stayed up late with my baby boy while hubby got rest before work. And since he took a late nap again today it wouldn't surprise me if i have to do it again. The problem isn't if he will sleep but rather when. I would like to have a semi-normal sleep pattern. But i will have to change it again soon anyway because hubby is about to switch to midnight shift.

My salvation and my honor depend on God;
He is my mighty rock, my refuge.
Psalm 62:7 (NIV)

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