Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goodbye Internet

So... ten days and we will be turning off our internet. That means I will be on the computer a lot less lol

We are doing it to save some money but i think we will find out we will be saving a lot of time as well. I know when i was pregnant i had tons of time because i just sat around the house with no tv or computer. I was able to sew and crochet and get so much accomplished. So i am in the process of transferring some patterns and tutorials i would love to try into files saved on the computer. I will only be online when i get to the library starting the 11th.

More crafting less procrastinating!

Here are some projects i am currently working on while getting ready for the switch:

I am in the process of sewing a welders cap for my landlord... still working on the hat band (will probably make another, too, once i have it figured out... all hand sewn btw)

And also a Football for Rock and my nephew who will be here in a couple days out of this lovely fabric (it used to be a very misproportioned toddler shirt)

I also am really loving this Pillow Buddy Tutorial... since this was one of the top gifts of last year i may need to pound some out and gift to some nieces and a nephew :)

Just a quick post :)
Ummm... i also will be doing another post sometime soon about Rock's first Christmas

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